Oori Game Farm

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This biodiversity stewardship project aims to provide formal conservation protection for the area of the Rhenosterspruit Nature Conservancy, and beyond. 

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Oori Nature Reserve

News from the Oori Nature Reserve, situated within the Conservancy.

A sad day

About ten months ago, little Gigi came into our lives to join brother Mojo born two months earlier - beautiful long eyelashes, slim, elegant legs that go on forever and the sweetest face filled with the curiosity of being newly alive. As a community we were over the moon at having two baby giraffes born about two years after purchasing two giraffe cows to join George our lonely giraffe.

Unfortunately life can be hard for baby giraffes and she was caught up in a snare which resulted in her hind hoof being deprived of blood flow and falling off despite the best efforts of veterinary surgeons. She managed remarkably well and some of the people in the community started researching the feasibility of having a prosthesis fitted and raising funds for this purpose.  

Today should have been a milestone in the progress towards giving her another chance - two top veterinarians came to take x-rays of Gigi's leg and to do the measurements for her prosthesis. On advice of the veterinary surgeon under whose supervision she was, she was to be moved to a large enclosed area to be cared for and give her a chance to rest her leg. All went very well, until she was off-loaded in the enclosure when her heart stopped. Despite all the efforts of the veterinarians present (ever seen CPR done on a giraffe?), she left this world.

Rest in peace our little Braveheart.

by Fransa Cole

George in the Oori is not so lonely

Lucky George has two gorgeous, long-necked creatures to keep him company. The tall and slender females arrived, carried in to the Oori safely, to spend the weekend in a special enclosure - much like a boudoir!

On 1 March, they shyly emerged, taking a full four hours to take a step into freedom. Later the same day, they had found their feet, and were spotted ambling towards the boom at sunset.

Pam Orbell says:

  • George isn't really as lonely as we think - male giraffes tend to be loners meeting up with the females every 3 to 4 days;
  • Females start breeding at 4.5 years of age;
  • Gestation is about 450 days;
  • She goes off to have the baby on her own, and only joins the rest of the (mainly female) herd after about 3 weeks;
  • Females stick together in a small breeding herd



Report back – game reserve committee meeting

The meeting was held on 27th June. The meeting was also attended by Helen Duigan and Mercia Komen.

If anyone would like copies of the minutes covering the entire meeting, please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The following animals were found dead, some being caught in snares

A zebra from ticks and some from old age

Plot 48 – one blesbok
Plot 49 – remains of animals found
Plot 7 – horse died after being caught in a snare
Plot 29 – dog caught in a snare
Plot 6 – many snares found

Fences continue to be broken and not repaired. Please check your fence regularly and ensure that repairs are done quickly.

Refuse drums

Please do not put your general household refuse into these drums. These drums are meant for use by pedestrians. It was reported that a driver in a blue Audi was putting refuse into these drums, if you know who this is, please advise him not to do so.

Shamwari Rehabilitation Centre

The Rehabilitation Centre is in need of donations. This need not just be in the way of cash but blankets, newspapers, and any other items which may be useful to the Rehabilitation Centre. Please contact Joanne Hulley at 082 322 2255.

A plea from the Oori

We had an unfortunate incident this morning with a horse managing to escape through a gate on the R512.

  • We need to drive very carefully at all times down this stretch of the R512 as you never know when you might find a cow, horse or wild animal on the road with consequences too terrible to contemplate
  • We have a valuable resource on the reserve being our game and we need to protect our borders especially along the R512 which includes ensuring all gates are secured and if any fences are cut to report them so that we can repair immediately

Unfortunately we continue to find snares and piles of rubbish that is merely discarded, please approach staff and ask that they throw their rubbish in bins provided around the reserve, it also helps to walk your properties to see what is happening on them in regard to activity etc

Fires in the Oori

Manfred, Steve, Louis and others have been doing a sterling job in fighting fires to protect the Oori.