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This biodiversity stewardship project aims to provide formal conservation protection for the area of the Rhenosterspruit Nature Conservancy, and beyond. 

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Among the members

The members of the RNC are involved in many things.     Read what they are up to.

Open cockpit adventure

On the morning we set off on this adventure we were met at the airfield by a reception of about 20 people – friends, family and neighbours, but also the crew from e-news. It resembled a movie set, and was a fitting start for this incredible adventure. We hope you enjoy this abbreviated account of our journey, experiences and effort on behalf of Reach for a Dream.


The take-off was the culmination of weeks of planning, paperwork and preparation.
We flew along the ridge of the entire Magaliesberg mountain range and landed in Lichtenburg in windy conditions.


Patron of the Conservancy

Deep in the heart of the Karoo lives a princess. She is not a local princess but a Dutch royal, and she’s on a mission to help all of us regain our relationship with nature. It’s all about balance, she says, and she’s not just talking about it.

(This article is written by GUY LIEBERMAN.  He writes about the Patron of the Rhenosterspruit Nature Conservancy, Princess Irene.


Hennops Primary School

In the foothills of the Schurveberg mountain range lies the Hennops Primary School. It is a small school, providing bilingual instruction and small classes, rarely possible these days. Acting Headmaster Mrs Marais, is resident in Hennops River, and she explains that the school offers a unique opportunity to residents of the Rhenosterspruit Nature Conservancy. At Hennops Primary learners are given a foundation in confidence and education, preparing them well for the road ahead. The classes are small and teachers have enough time to devote to the learners' needs. Afrikaans and English instructions is offered. The school is well-tended, and indigenous gardens fringe the sports fields. A school bus provides transport for children located outside of walking distance from the school. The school also provides a feeding scheme for learners who come from poor homes. The school fees are about R5000 per year (2010). Visit

Local Mad Scientist

Meet Professor Pink

Professor Pink emerged from some time machine experiment that popped into this century and joined the Knock Knock team in 2007
In his dim past we found that he grew up somewhere in the Northern Cape, went to Stellenbosch University where he studied maths and solid state physics.
He has a great appetite for knowledge of just about anything.  Especially big machines, rockets, explosions and things that make a lot of noise, and the smell of diesel and dust.

Professor Pink has shared some of his best "DO try this at home" experiments for young and enquiring minds.

Celebrating with the Duigans

Anthony and Helen Duigan  - names synonmous with the Conservancy - celebrated 40 years of marriage on Sunday.  And they did so in good spirits, surrounded by family and friends.

The couple arrived in "country style", bumping along in the same trusty bakkie that a few weeks before had carried Ghandi's grandson into the conservancy.  Perfectly attired as bride and groom, Helen primly clutched an aloe, and Anthony flourished a red radish (leaves and all)  jauntily in his pocket. A cheer and a honk announned their arrival and the grandchildren heartily joined in the noise-making.